Ceramics Cathy Fleckstein

The focus of my ceramic practice is currently on making wall pieces. Parallel to this, I create sculptural works, which also include vessel forms.

I comprehend my work as reflections of interior processes and states of mind in an interchange with my surroundings. What I want to achieve is to explore living, naturally growing processes and to allow the form to emerge in a dialogue with the material. To do this, I base my work mainly on the inspiring model of nature.

I make up the clays I use by hand using powdered raw materials from the Westerwald region. A coarsely grogged stoneware serves as the base layer for a thin layer of a body I have developed myself, which is then applied in various ways. In the interplay with oxides, engobes and the firing (in reduction 1280°C in a gas kiln), the body used in each instance largely determines how colour develops.

Selection of works

Again and again I am in a process of getting to know the clay as a material, its individuality and its mysterious aliveness. This is a mindful process. I seek to pass my impressions on to this material and I am curious for the answers, happy when I see my concerns expressed in a new way through properties of the clay that I have just discovered.

Cathy Fleckstein · Keramische Bildplatte · Aus einer anderen Zeit
Ceramic Wall Pieces

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Cathy Fleckstein · Keramische Gefäßform · Tiegelform
Ceramic Vessel Forms

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Cathy Fleckstein · Keramische Plastik · Hütte
Ceramic Sculptures

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About me

Cathy Fleckstein · Portrait in der Werkstatt

Career Stages, Turning Points, Teaching, Awards.

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Cathy Fleckstein · Keramische Bildplatte · Blaue Räume

Solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad since 1977.

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Cathy Fleckstein · Keramische Bildplatte · Winterband

My ceramics are held in private and public collections worldwide, but here only the public instances are listed.

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Cathy Fleckstein · Keramische Bildplatte · Lichtwehen

The description of my ceramic development by Hans Georg Bluhm and “When time becomes visible …” by Friedhelm Plöhn.

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Cathy Fleckstein · Keramische Bildplatte · Herbsterwachen

Three catalogues from solo exhibitions.

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Cathy Fleckstein · Keramische Bildplatte · Langer Speicher

Publications in catalogues and magazines since 1979.

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Opening: Friday, 05.05.2023 at 6 p.m.
Duration of the exhibition: 06.05.–20.08.2023

Kunsthistorisches Museum
Schloss Merseburg
Domplatz 9
06204 Merseburg

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Open Studio


Duration: 10./11.06.2023
Opening hours: 11.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Möwenstieg 4
24211 Preetz